Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day 30 Jan 30th Start of Service to customers Part One

Understanding Your Customers

So here is my contribution to helping you. As you can see from the above pictures I currently work in a Service Centre so I am going to try and transfer my skills from my day job to help convert more enquiries into sales. Elaine there showing her skill at bubble shooter.

So here goes topic one understanding your customers. From the moment your customer starts calling or typing a email your service starts and its crucial to understand what kind of client you are dealing with. This is important as you need to change your approach to most appeal to your customer. There is 4 main groups that the customers fall into these define the customer your dealing with and its crucial you identify which one your client falls into as soon as possible.

The personality groups are Analytical, Driver, Amiable and Expressive and these apply if the customer is on the phone, with you in person or via email. Here is some More information into each type of customer.

Analytical - Analytical people are known for being systematic, well organized and deliberate. These individuals appreciate facts and information presented in a logical manner as documentation of truth. They enjoy organization and completion of detailed tasks. Others may see him at times as being too cautious, overly structured, someone who does things too much 'by the book'.

  • controlled
  • orderly
  • precise
  • disciplined
  • deliberate
  • cautious
  • diplomatic
  • systematic
  • logical
  • conventional

  • Driver - They thrive on the thrill of the challenge and the internal motivation to succeed. Drivers are practical folks who focus on getting results. They can do a lot in a very short time. They usually talk fast, direct and to the point. Often viewed as decisive, direct and pragmatic.

    • action-orientated
    • decisive
    • problem solver
    • direct
    • assertive
    • demanding
    • risk taker
    • forceful
    • competitive
    • independent
    • determined
    • results-orientated

    Amiable - They are dependable, loyal and easygoing. They like things that are non-threatening and friendly. They hate dealing with impersonal details and cold hard facts. They are usually quick to reach a decision. Often described as a warm person and sensitive to the feelings of others but at the same time wishy-washy.

    • patient
    • loyal
    • sympathetic
    • team person
    • relaxed
    • mature
    • supportive
    • stable
    • considerate
    • empathetic
    • persevering
    • trusting
    • congenial

    Expressive - Very outgoing and enthusiastic, with a high energy level. They are also great idea generators, but usually do not have the ability to see the idea through to completion. They enjoy helping others and are particularly fond of socializing. They are usually slow to reach a decision. Often thought of as a talker, overly dramatic, impulsive, and manipulative.

    • verbal
    • motivating
    • enthusiastic
    • convincing
    • impulsive
    • influential
    • charming
    • confident
    • dramatic
    • optimistic
    • animated
    Once you have identified the customer type you need to adapt your approach to that customer. This will ease the customer and make them feel more comfortable with you, give them information in the way that they can easily understand and in the way that will make them feel good.

    Quick tips

    When dealing with the customer in email the customer will sign the email with there name (always use this as the name you address the customer with) so if the customer signs it Mrs Customer address the customer as this. if the customer signs it as Jayne, address her as Jayne.

    Make your email reflect a similar standard and personalise to the customer. If the customer asks about packages dont send a email back saying "we offer a range of packages ........." personalise it make the customer feel that the packages are for them "For you I have....." Use I instead of We and make it seem as if your telling the customer directly and not everyone.

    Dont use a standard reply to your emails write each one individually, customers will look at several different photographers, they may forget they already sent you a email and send you a second that very same night, if you respond to each email with the exact same standard reply the customer will be put off. .

    More to follow tomorrow

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