Friday, 8 January 2010

Day 8 Jan 8th

My first stranger portrait today and boy did i get lucky first ask was a yes so i got it in one go.

On my way home from work today I noticed over the bridge that the River Tees was frozen so i decided to head that way for my photo of the day whilst walking along I met Keith Scott who was there to feed the swans and ducks as they couldn't get any food due to the river being frozen as i was chatting to him i decided to pluck the courage to ask if he would allow me to do the shot, to which he agreed.Keith Scott also said he remembers the last time the river froze but it wasnt anything on the same scale as this as the tide would crack the ice. Keith went shortly after but is set to return this evening to again feed the birds.

Lets hope Keith Does a good job feeding the ducks and swans.

So after taking the shots I went for a wander down the river in awe of what i was seeing I went to have a look at the HM Bark Endeavour and luckily met Andy (who didnt want his pics taken) but he worked on board and allowed me on what a stroke of luck. So here is a couple more from today.

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  1. Excellent, Keith! The portrait is good on it's own, but really helps all four images start to tell a story.
    I hope you approach more people. This lad looks a great character. I am finding that my apprehension at approaching people is out of all proportion to the response I receive - whether they say yes or no.
    Hope that helps you to ask more strangers.