Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 13 jan 13th Living in a box

Living in a box not all it seems, after recieving a album from Proline, My daughter thought she would become a living present so she jumped in and fit perfectly in. So i Snapped some pics of her and put them in a collage i did with photoshop.

So after a message on Swpp about twitter i thought I better start using it to maximise traffic to my sites so thanks to James Cannon on his advice and getting me back into the swing of things on Twitter although i am still learning a lot, he has also gave me some advice on a upcoming shoot With 5 nations female kickboxing champ Louise Wilson, so i will follow this and try to come up with some great shots of her,

So if your on twitter add me and follow me there too im here keithadamsphoto

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