Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 14 Jan 14th

Ok so today was the day that Aimee finally got involved in taking some pictures maybe she may get the bug to take some more in the or even get involved in Photo 365. So again another day off Me, Aimee and Lilli took Eden to school then straight on into Billingham Town for some shopping. Aimee treated herself to some shoes and I bought some goblets and played with shooting them.

So I am putting both mine and aimees today here are hers

The shoe shots didnt quite work as well as she wanted i edited them for her with the slight viginette on.

Here are mine for the day Not the best but all in the name of Learning about the camera and how to do different shots.

I edit most of my images in Lightroom i find it a very a good tool and would highly recommend this to anyone

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